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Friends, every day some videos are becoming very viral on social media, some of these videos are such that you can watch them again and again and share them, there are some videos in these videos that leave us in awe. In the world of smart phones, everyone has a mobile phone whether he is a child or an adult

Everyone is fond of playing mobile. Every day millions of videos are shared on social media by people. Among them, some videos were surprising us, some videos were making us laugh and some videos were forcing us to cry. Even today we are with you. This is one such video to share

The pictures are of a grocery store located in Jodhewal Basti of Ludhiana, where this young man used to enter the shop and do such a thing that the shopkeeper got angry and the shopkeepers in furs caught him, and then tied the young man and paraded him around. After that the young man did all the previous actions

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