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You must have read, seen and heard a lot about strange marriages. But there is a lot of discussion about one marriage in Bihar. This wedding itself is unique. When the father-in-law married his own wife to his son-in-law. And then sent his wife away. Whoever is hearing about this marriage. He is also shocked. In fact, this whole matter belongs to Banka district.

Where a son-in-law fell in love with his own mother-in-law in Chhatarpal Panchayat of Town Thana area. Seeing this, the father-in-law got his wife married to his son-in-law. After marrying the wife with her son-in-law, she was brought to the court, where she was married to her son-in-law and sent away with her son-in-law. According to the information, a young man of Dhobani village of Katoria police station area was married in Chhatarpal panchayat of Banka police station area. From this he had a son

And there is also a daughter. After the death of his wife a few days ago, his heart fell on his mother-in-law and the two fell in love with each other. Recently, the said young man had come to his in-law’s house. When his in-law came to know about this, the family informed the villagers. Where mother-in-law and son-in-law confess their love for each other. Then the husband married his son-in-law and sent his wife away. This marriage has become a topic of discussion in the entire village.

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