Landslides in Ramban district of Jammu and Kashmir, road connectivity broken – News 12 Daily


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More than 350 people fled their homes on Saturday after a landslide destroyed houses in Ramban district of Jammu and Kashmir (Jammu-Kashmir). Reports said 30 houses were destroyed, 20 partially. Damaged and 10 others rendered unfit for occupation in the uphill and downhill village on the Ramban-Gul road. The family moved their household goods and livestock out of the residential houses and are now living under the open sky. Officials said these 350 people To tent, drink

They are providing water facility, health care, toilets, beds etc. Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha has said that he is personally monitoring the situation and the reasons for the subsidence are being ascertained. They have assured rehabilitation, relief and compensation to the affected families.Scientifically, land subsidence is caused by the extraction of water, oil, natural gas, mineral resources from the ground through pumping, fracking or mining activities. .

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