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Nowadays, in the world of smart phones, everyone has a mobile phone, whether they are children or adults, everyone is fond of using mobile phones. Every day, millions of videos are shared on social media by people, some of them surprised us. Some videos made us laugh and some videos made us cry, today we are going to share one such video with you.

Big news has come out about Bittu Pradesi, a famous chart shop located in Jalandhar’s Urban Estate. There has been a ruckus by the customers at the shop. In fact, sensational allegations have been made by a customer who went to buy papdi chaat from the shop. Shant Malik, a resident of Shivnagar, said that at around 10 o’clock in the night, he got the papdi chart pack from Bittu Pradeshi and took it home. Meanwhile, as soon as he reached home, he opened the envelope of the papdi chart and put the papdi chaat in the vessel.

Then a big lizard came out. After this, he immediately reached the Bittu Pradesi shop with a complaint about the matter. The customer alleges that far from paying attention to the shopkeeper’s complaint, the head of the market, who favored Bittu Pradesi, started arguing with the customer. When the media intervened in this matter, it was nine-two-eleven as Pradhan sat in the car. Meanwhile, after the accusations made by the customer, the management of Bittu Pradesi closed the shutters of the shop and left.

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