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A 15 MW floating solar system was commissioned by the Sutlej Hydropower Corporation at a cost of Rs 92 crore at Nehla village in Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh near Bhakra Dam. The project was to generate 33 million units of electricity in the first year at 3.26 paise per unit for 25 years. About 764 million units of electricity are to be generated from this project in about 25 years.

North India’s first floating solar project to generate electricity could not withstand the flow of water like a deck of cards before it was started and was scattered from the site where the project was to be built to the river Sutlej. These solar plates are scattered on the banks of the Sutlej in an area of ​​about two kilometers. Although this incident is said to be on Friday night, after almost three days have passed, still these solar from the river Sutlej.

The plates have not been collected yet. Speaking to us, Singh Sahib Harjinder Singh of Gurdwara Rara Sahib located on the banks of the Sutlej River in Nangal said that on Friday night the company officials came to this Gurdwara and ran to look at the banks of the Sutlej. That night we also saw that this Kia Ed had floated big in the water, when the employee of this company told us that it was the solar plates, which were installed on the same water and we don’t know how these plates floated in the water. swept away

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